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    4. 客服熱線: 400-777-8828

      Six Main Reasons to Be a Teacher at LIKESHUO

      Everyone can find their own unique purpose to join likeshuo!

      Earn extra money

      Utilize your spare time, apply intelligent scheduling system, and enjoy fun teaching!

      Make new friends

      Working is part of life, which enables you to meet people from all over the world.

      Get bonus from students

      With your intriguing classes, positive feedbacks and tips are expected.

      Make new courseware

      Not only to enhance your teaching ability, but also to serve as a way to make extra money.

      Receive teacher training

      Constantly enhance the ability of teaching after you attended the regular teaching trainings.

      Work with a flexible schedule

      You can give a lesson anytime and anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet on your computer.

      Four product lines of teachers at LIKESHUO

      Choose a product line that best suits you based on the introduction and recruitment requirements.


      Job Requirements:

      1. Bachelor degree or above. English major is preferred.
      2. Native English speakers from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zeal etc. Or Chinese.
      3. Proficient teaching skills. TESOL or TEFL certificate, previous teaching experience or training experience is preferred.
      4. No less than 30 teaching hours per month.
      5. Basic device for online teaching (laptop/desktop, headset and webcam).


      Job Requirements:

      1. Native English speakers with clear accent from US, Canada or UK.
      2. Bachelor degree or above, TEFL/TESOL certificate is preferred.
      3. 3years or above teaching experience, online or classroom teaching experience are both OK, Phonics teaching experience is preferred.
      4. Outgoing, enthusiastic, patient, friendly and love kids.
      5. Stable internet, laptop or PC are both OK(Windows and Mac are both fine).


      Job Requirements:

      1. Bachelor’s degree or higher; Overseas graduates or returnees preferred.
      2. Great interest and belief in the strength of mentorship; Online teaching experience preferred.
      3. Familiarize with TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT; Candidate with high-scored students preferred.
      4. Coach students on test-taking strategies for TOEFL/IELTS /SSAT / SAT/ACT/ GRE/GMAT.
      5. Provide a comprehensive curriculum, and be able to engage in the teaching and research work.


      Job Requirements:

      1. Bachelor degree or above. Rich experience in many different fields of industry is preferred.
      2. Native?English?speaker,?American?,British,or?Canadian?preferred.?
      3. Have?rich?experience?in?teaching?adults?English, enjoy teaching, good communication, organization and management skills.?
      4. No less than 30 teaching hours per month
      5. Basic device for online teaching(laptop/desktop, headset and webcam)

      Better move than be moved!

      Let's teach in likeshuo.
      Register Now

      How to join LIKESHUO?

      It only takes 3 steps to join.


      Give a demo class

      Pre-job training

      Gorgeous Native Speakers Here!

      We boast an incredible team of over 2000 foreign teachers from all around the globe.You will experience a wonderful cultural exchange in here.


      Canadian Waterloo 8+
      Hello, my name is Dave Ouellette and I'm an English teacher in Likeshuo. I'm Canadian and I graduated from the University of Waterloo with honors degrees in English and in Speech Communication. My approach to teaching English is to take my business experience and my academic background and blend them together in a way that will help students to become a highly-effective speaker of the English language. As you can tell, I'm very passionate about English. But I also have other passions as well. So, I hope you will join likeshuo so we can share some of the passion that I have for this language.


      China M.A 3+
      Hello everyone! My name is Zuliya kahaer. You can call me Leia here. I come from Xinjiang, and I speak three languages, Chinese, English and Uygur. I got my Master’s degree in English in the University of Science & Technology Beijing. I have been teaching English for more than three years in likeshuo. And I have taught all levels and ages from beginners and young learners to advanced and adult learners. So far I very enjoyed the process of teaching English. I also meet a lot of awesome teachers here and learned a lot from them. Therefore, I want to inspire all of my students here with my strong interests in learning English.

      Craig Wosahlo

      UK Musician 6+
      Hello! Ni Hao! My Name is Craig and I’m from England! I have been teaching English to Chinese students for 6 years! I used to live in Foshan, Guandong, China. When I lived in Foshan, I was teaching people of all ages from Kindergarten and high school to working professionals and retired men and women. I like to think I’m a fun teacher, I believe that people learn more when they enjoy what they are studying. So don’t be shy and we can have a nice chat so you’re comfortable with me. I love TV shows, movies and music, so if you want to talk about your favorite TV show, then you can do that with me!
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